Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ramble ramble ramble

There is so much going on that I get overwhelmed and don't even know where to start with putting it all down. So I start, then I erase, and I start again, and then I just delete the whole thing and leave it for another day. 

Can't believe I am halfway through my pregnancy already!?!?! The time is literally flying by. Things are going well with the pregnancy. Baby boy is still happy and I get to see him again next Thursday! I have been feeling flutters but nothing definitive. He seems to be moving a lot less than Matthew did. Can't wait for those harder kicks and for Mark and Matthew to start feeling them.

I seem to be losing weight. I'm down 200g from my pre-pregnancy weight. I am a bit concerned about it but I will wait to hear what my doc thinks when I see him in May. I had a bit of a flu a few weeks back. Doc gave me antibiotics and pain meds but I decided not to take them. I wasn't comfortable with them and thought to rather trust my instincts with this. As a result, I was in bed for 5 days and felt the after effects for another week thereafter. I am feeling loads better now, except that the dreaded sinuses have started messing around. I was waiting for this to happen but didn't expect it to be this bad. 

I also think I may have gotten a bladder infection/UTI. Not sure if I should go to the doc immediately or wait it out a little. Hopefully it clears soon.

Mark is still working his 7am-7pm Monday to Sunday shift. Matthew sees him for about half hour every day and I think this is causing him to act out. I honestly don't know how to handle him anymore as he flat out ignores me when I speak to him. When I give him a little spank he just looks at me and tells me he's gonna tell his Daddy.

Modelling boxers that his aunt got him
Laying with Daddy watching a video on the phone
20 weeks (excuse the tiredness)


  1. Gorgeous bump, Kim!
    Yeah second pregnancies tend to fly... or that's how I'm experiencing it as it's going by so fast. Still can't believe I get to hold our baby next month!

    1. Thanks Debs!
      WOW! Next month already?!?! Flip but it makes you appreciate your bump more when you realise how quickly the time is going.


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