Friday, November 9, 2012

A friend's birthday party

Last Saturday, 3 November, Matthew was invited to a 1st birthday party. My friend had asked me to create an invitation for her and help with some of the décor.

Here is the invitation that I made:

And here at the décor items I helped with:

I made the animals that went on the party boxes and the chocolate marshmallows.

I also made the birthday banner, which had animal figures on as well.
All in all, everything turned out well and Matthew had a blast!


  1. Wow, party planner you!
    Love the invite, and the decor and banner looks fab. Love the theme!

    1. I only saw this now. Thanks Jess. It was hard work but seeing everyone admire my work and my friend's gratitude for what I did, made everything worthwhile!


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