Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas (Tree and Advent calendar)

Our Christmas tree is up and Matthew just loves it! Every night, when I put the lights on, he'll stand in front of the tree and point to the baubles and say "ball", then point to the frames with his picture in and say "baba". Just love that he is understanding a bit more now!

(please excuse the quality of my pics)

I made some teacher's gifts for Matthew's caregiver at the creche and one for the principal. There are actually 3 caregivers in the whole establishment but only one looks after Matt and the other toddlers. Am I being unfair by only giving the one caregiver something?

Oh and the advent calendar I attempted to make? Well, it wasn't a total flop but I ran out of time and couldn't 'prettify' them. But Matthew wakes up every morning and goes to stand where the advent calendar is and says "shhhweets".

I am loving that he understands so much more than our last Christmas. Can't wait to incorporate more things when he's older.

Our Christmas cards

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