Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2nd birthday and a new tattoo

Today, it's just 4 days until my little boy turns 2 years old. He's growing like a weed and making me bankrupt with all the clothing I need to replace. :) He is developing so well and his speech is above anything I could ever hope for. (Especially considering how panicked I was a few weeks ago). He just loves water, motorbikes and balloons.

I was going to have a birthday party for him, designed (and sent out) invitations but decided against it. We're in the middle of moving (still have to find a place and need to be out at the end of January) and we're not in a space right now to have a big party. So we decided to do cake and tea on the day of his birthday (the 21st) and then take him out for the day on Saturday (26th). This has been a very hard decision for me to make because even though Matthew is so young and probably won't even remember his party, for me it's more than that. It's about celebrating his 2nd year with us, celebrating the love and joy with family and friends, and thanking everyone that has had an influence on his life this last year.

In other news, I got a new tattoo on Friday (11 January 2013). I'm getting another (hopefully) very soon, but will update on that one when I get it.

Life has had it's ups and downs for us lately and I've been super quiet on all forms of social media and with our friends. I'm trying to get my head back into a good space and I'm struggling with my weight (big surprise!). At least hubby and I are going strong, although I need to work on my insecurity issues. Together, hubby and I have discovered the reasons behind it, now just to find a way to get over it and forgive myself. 


  1. Kim Matthew is gorgeous!

    Can't believe he is almost turning 2.

    I'm also still in two minds about the whole party thing. Also considering doing something very small for Hayley this year and hopefully rather spend the money on a big gift instead.

    1. Thank you Chantal. He is just getting too big.

      It's not an easy decision to make and even though they're so young still, you still want to make their birthday special. Good luck with your decision but I'm sure whatever you do, you'll make Hayley's day super special.

  2. Kim! I didn't know u got a tattoo, it's beautiful, wow!!!
    Super special!


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