Sunday, January 20, 2013

Letter to my 2 year old son

Dear Matthew

Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday that I wished you happy birthday for the first time ever, the moment I saw you, minutes after you were born. 

Words seem to fail me now to express how much not only you've grown, but how I've grown as well. You've taught me to slow down and enjoy, to run and jump and grab the good in life, you've taught me how to kiss and cuddle and love with all your heart, and you've taught me how to laugh with all your might, that it's okay to cry and to shout your frustrations! You've shown me so much in your short 2 years with us and I can only pray that I can show and guide you all that I know and believe. It may seem like a lot of responsibility for such small shoulders but all you've done is be yourself and the rest just happened.

At 2 years old, you are such a little boy. Always running, jumping off the furniture, play fighting with Daddy. You are determined to do things yourself and your way. It can be very frustrating to deal with your temper tantrums and when you ignore me, I want to pull my hair out. But when it's time for you to sleep, you still allow me to hold you and kiss you. You love to sit on my lap when you're tired and just snuggle into the crook of my arm. And when you're in the mood, you can give me the BEST kisses and the tightest hugs. 

The last year, we went from you barely being able to walk to you running around and kicking a ball. We went from hardly understanding anything you say to you being able to tell us what you want, where it hurts and when you've potty'd (still working on you telling us before the time :)). You can tell us your name, how old you are and you can say "I love you". 

Matthew, my life has changed for the better these last 2 years. Your Daddy and I love each other so much more and we love you to infinity times infinity. That's a whole lot of love, my boy. I pray that you never lose your enthusiasm for life, that you will always play with all your might, love with all your heart and never forget your family.

I love you! Now and for always.


  1. Happy 2nd Birthday Matthew!!!

    Beautiful letter Kim, so special.

    1. Thank you so much! And thank you for taking the time out to read.

  2. Awww reading this caused a huge lump in my throat. That's so super special, Kim. May you always feel this blessed with Matthew in your life. Happy 2nd birthday to your big brown-eyed boy!


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