Monday, January 28, 2013

First Haircut

As much as I hated to do it, Matthew needed a haircut. His hair was long, was irritating him in his neck and around his ears and it was making him perspire. I just wanted a trim, take off some of the length but keep the curls. So off we went to a nearby salon.

Matthew refused to sit in the chair, so I had to sit with him on my lap. He refused to wear the towel and cape but I distracted him enough that the stylist could put it on. He didn't like that she came near him with the scissors but luckily my sister was having her hair done as well and could help with the distractions. Then Matthew started crying, and crying and he didn't stop!

He sat still through the whole haircut but cried the entire time. I looked to see what the stylist had done so far and I was happy. When she asked me if she must "open" his ears (cut the hair away from his ears) I agreed. Then I tried my utmost to distract Matthew by looking into the mirror, looking for my sister in the salon, looking at the phone, at the people walking in the mall. Nothing stopped his tears. When I looked again, the stylist had taken off so much more than what I had asked! I told her that his hair is too short. She told me that it's not and that I was just used to seeing him with long hair. WTF!!?!? You got scissor-happy and went crazy on my boy's head! All his curls are gone! *cry*

Luckily it's only hair and it will grow back but hubby wasn't impressed with the short haircut. And I don't think Matthew did too badly for his first time. Yes he cried, but he sat still the whole time. I don't think we'll be going back to that stylist, although I like the salon. Maybe we can just ask for someone else next time.

Top row - The before pics
Middle row - Crying throughout the cut
Bottom row - Finished product (see, no more curls)


  1. Awww cuteness! I love the new haircut, makes him look like such a little boy! Hmmm Jamie had about 6 haircuts, and he still hates it. Luckily our hairdresser is quite good trying to distract him, and letting him comb his hair or play with the powder puff. He still has to sit on hubby's lap though and he doesn't want to wear the cape :-p Never a dull moment in a toddler boy's mommy's life!

    1. He does look like a real boy now. And I haven't had one person ask me since if he's a boy or a girl. :) Aw no man, 6 haircuts and still hates it? Hope Matthew doesn't take long to get used to it. I'm the one that needs to sit with him...
      Agreed, definitely not!

  2. Ag mommy, that lil sad face, I just want to kiss him!
    He looks supercute.


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