Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Potty Training

Potty training - such simple words but it can be so intimidating just thinking about teaching a 2 year old how to use the toilet. Something that is so natural to me and most other people needs to be taught to a little toddler. I have been fearing this stage of Matthew's development, thinking that I might not be up to the challenge. Will I be able to stay calm when he makes those oopsies? Will he catch on to the concept quickly? The only thought that's saved my sanity is that surely he won't be on diapers at 10 years old.

Matthew has surprised me though. He has taken to this potty training thing all by himself. We haven't even started the process yet and he's already used the toilet several times. For months now, I would put him on the loo just before his bath. Nothing would happen, except in the beginning some tears and stiff bodied screams to get off. Later he would just sit there, demand to get off, get into the bath and the moment his little toes touched the water, he would wee. Saturday past (9 Feb) he wee'd for the first time in the toilet! YAY! He gave this shy smile. I shouted, and clapped and sang a little tune, "pee pee in the pot-ty". The look on his face at my exuberant display of joy and pride was priceless.

Today, 4 days after that first time, he's used the loo every evening before bathtime. He's even once told me that he wants me to take his diaper off so that he can use the toilet. And last night, standing in the bathroom after I've undressed him, he stands in front of the toilet and starts singing "pee pee....pee pee". *be still my beating heart*

Yes, potty training seems intimidating. But my little (big) boy has grabbed this bull by the horns and is making it his own. 

The creche he's attending starts potty training when the toddlers are 2 years and 3 months old. In their experience, this is the best time to start. Matthew will be starting in late April (after the 21st) or in the beginning of May. I'm proud, excited for this new stage of development but also feeling a bit sad as my baby is now no more a baby....He's turning into a big boy right in front of my eyes. 

I need to remember to cherish the little things, to make the most of our moments together and to kiss and hug  him as much as he'll let me because all too soon, he'll be too big for all of that. I need to remember how his little body feels on my lap when he snuggles by me just before bedtime, how his little lips feel when he showers me with wet kisses, how those small arms feel wrapped around my neck, how his little voice sounds when he looks for me and calls 'Mama?'. I can't believe how a simple thing like potty training would make me feel so sad and proud at the same time.....


  1. I know exactly what you mean, they do grow up too quick and although every new stage is exciting it also comes with a feeling of sadness. *Bittersweet indeed*

  2. Sweet little boy! Yay for potty training and for Matthew being so pro-active - well done

  3. Feels unreal that are babies are now having to learn such an important milestone!
    Good luck, and well done to both u and Matt so far!

    1. Thanks Jess! And thank you for popping in.


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