Sunday, January 20, 2013

Birthday post

So we decided not to have a birthday party for Matthew but rather have a small cake and tea party on the day and take him out on the weekend. 

EDIT: 22/01/2013

So the evening was good. Matthew had fun and was spoilt rotten. He received the following as gifts:

Mommy and Daddy - play garage for all his cars and a toy motorbike
Grandpa and Grandma - 2 x shorts and 2 x sweaters
Aunty Nicole - Big dump truck with duplo blocks
Aunt S and Uncle A - 1 x Mega trains book and 1 x Barney ABC book
Aunt M and Uncle M - Big 4-wheeler 

(Must still take a pic of his gifts)

Here's some more pics of the rest of his day...


 And another pic of the cake:

 I'm pleased with the day the turned out. Matthew seemed happy and the cake was delicious! Now for our day out on Saturday!


  1. Aaaah wow Kim, stunning special piccies!
    I love Matthew's expressive face, he's just adorable! Just want to ruffle that hair!
    Wow, did you bake that cake? Stunning!!
    Looks like a super special celebration.
    Enjoy your weekend outing coming up!

    1. Thanks Jess. Yes I made the cake and it was super super easy. :)
      I keep putting off cutting his hair :(
      Thanks again!

  2. Well done on making the cake, it's just fabulous!!

    What photo-editing program do you use, where you added the description into the footer of the pic?

    1. Thanks Jess.

      When you add a photo to your blog, you click on it, it will ask about the size you want the picture to be but there's also an option to add a caption. That's what I used. No special program to edit the pics. :) Hope this helps!


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