Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 8

Day 8 of no AF and we didn't manage to get an HPT yesterday. Will definitely get one today. 

This is just a quick update on me... 

I feel like every time I go to the loo (which ends up being up to 10 times for the day) I'm expecting to see AF has arrived. And the huge sense of relief whenever I realise that it hasn't happened yet....

I am super teary!!! I can't read anything, look at photos, watch tv, anything, then I want to cry. Even the most mundane things make me teary. Watching Matthew play with his toy cars, for goodness sake, makes me teary. This alone makes me positive that I'll see 2 lines on that test.

Cramping is still going strong. The cramps are on both sides (near where I normally get my ovarian pains), they come and go and aren't that bad that I can't manage. I have started getting pains in my groin as well, similar to the ligament pains I had when I was pregnant with Matthew. 

The nausea has subsided a bit. It's not bad at all (touch wood) and come in waves that last a few minutes throughout the day. 

I've noticed that my boobs aren't that sore anymore. I think this is the reason why I keep expecting AF every time I go to the loo. With Matthew, I had major boob pain for weeks. 

I was telling hubby last night that I NEED to get this test and know for sure, so that I can stop torturing myself with what if's. I mean what if I'm not pregnant? Then why is AF so late? 
Must. Get. Test. Today.


  1. Fingers crossed!! Sounds very positive xx

    1. Thanks Melissa! Either way, we'll know today. Will post an update tomorrow.


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