Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dr visit

I had a visit with my gynae today for a check up. I explained everything to her and she says I most likely had what she terms a Biochemical Miscarriage. (I'm assuming this is the same thing as a chemical pregnancy) She says that at least we know everything is working and we don't have to wait to try again. 

She did an internal and I don't need a DNC, my womb is clean and just the lining that needs to pass. I was given some folic acid and told to test later next time :) 

She actually scolded me about not taking any folic acid yet. Saying that she doesn't want me to come back and say that I haven't been taking them. I'm so glad I went (even after being scared to go and look like an idiot). She has set my mind at ease and I now know for certain that everything is still working and we get right back into the game.

The only thing I know for sure right now, is that I am only testing at CD40 or something like that. :)

In other news, I just received a call from the WPBTS (Western Province Blood Transfusion Service) asking me to donate blood tonight. I informed the lady that I had a very early miscarriage and I don't think I feel up to donating this month. She was very sympathetic and concerned. She said she totally understands as she recently underwent a similar experience. After informing me that she will be putting a hold on them calling me for 3 months, she seemed to want to say more but was hesitant. Eventually she said good luck and wishes me everything of the best. She then goes on to say this "Who knows, maybe you will be blessed with 2 babies in the near future". Honestly, I am hoping she is right. But does she mean I'll have 2 babies including Matthew or that I will get pregnant with twins? I'm hoping for the latter (just don't tell Mark LOL).


  1. My doctor also called my miscarriage a "biochemical pregnancy". Did you read up about it? Seems it happens a lot more often than we realise, and especially these days we realise it sooner because of hpt's and blood tests etc. Good idea to rather try to wait til CD40 next time.
    Keep the faith, and hoping for good news from you soonest!

    1. Thank you, Jess. I did read up about it. And the fact that today's hpt's pick up the hcg earlier contributes to the increase of these miscarriages.
      Thank you again! Much appreciated!


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