Friday, September 20, 2013

Positive minds

Feeling so much better today. I think I may have just slept properly, I don't know. But I am so glad I'm not feeling weepy or down today. Hopefully that is gone now. 

Matthew was too cute last night. We were laying bed and he asked to speak to his daddy. I called Mark and asked him to call me back. Matthew was a little upset because he couldn't talk to his dad but I assured him that Daddy is going to call right back and he can talk to him then. When Mark called back, Matthew then refused to speak. Turning his back and saying "Go away!", "Daddy rude". Hahahaha, all because we ended that first call. 

Shame he really does miss his dad and I think we all look forward to the weekend when we can spend some quality time together. I'm a bit glad the weather is rotten this weekend, that way we get to spend the whole weekend cuddled up under blankets and together. Here's hoping I can entertain Matthew before the boredom kicks in.

The mind is a really powerful thing. It's amazing how we can psyche ourselves out of anything. But getting into the right frame of mind isn't too hard and I'm glad I was able to quickly get out of my funk and pull some of my positivity back. 

Looking forward to the weekend and spending time with my loves!


  1. Sweet boy! He is growing up so quickly. Still love his bokkie-eyes


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