Monday, March 3, 2014

13 week Scan at 14 weeks

I went for my 13 week nuchal fold scan on Friday. Because hubby couldn't accompany me, I asked the sonographer that if she can see what the sex is, she must please write it down so that hubby and I can "find out" together.

Everything looks good with baby. My risk for Down's is 1 out of 196500 or something like that. She said that baby is growing on track and that everything is where it should be.

I had Matthew with us for the visit and he was very restless. He wasn't very interested in what was happening on the telly and just wanted to walk around and touch things. He did sit for like 2 minutes and then commented when the sonographer switched to the 4D view, "Mommy, your baby is orange". lol had a good laugh at that.

So the sonographer says that she's not 100% sure and we mustn't go out and buy colour clothes or paint the room or anything. She wrote down what she thinks the sex is and as soon as I could, I called Mark and opened the paper with the sex on. She wrote down....... Boy.

I actually knew it was a boy during our scan because as she was looking for the sex, I was looking at the monitor and I could see exactly what I saw with Matthew. It was very obvious to me. And even though it was so 'obvious' to me, I can't help but keep hoping it was just the umbilical cord in the way and it's actually a girl. I need to get over this soon and get used to the idea that I'm having another boy. It's really hard when I was hoping with all my heart for a girl. Which was wrong to do in the first place.

Here's looking forward to seeing this baby again on the 17th. And trying to figure out a name.

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