Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Doctor visit, meds, being late and a nappy cake

We've started with the first bout of illness for Matthew. On Saturday, 1 June, he started with a cough and slight fever, (temperature was between 37.6 and 38.2). I gave him Benylin for the cough and Nurofen for the temp. Sunday, same thing, only now he was complaining that his tummy is sore. And threw up twice that day. Lovely! Best part, I didn't have any stomach meds in the house. Sent him to creche Monday and was told by his teacher that we should take him to the doctor and bring him to creche the Tuesday (please, you're saying I'm a bad mother?"

Went to pediatrician on Tuesday, and only got one med for his chest, doctor said he was wheezing. I was there for his cough and tummy aches. Oh well. He went back to creche on Thursday but I wasn't happy with his progress and lack of meds. Took him for a second opinion on Friday and got loads of meds. He had a viral infection which could have affected him tummy as well. We walked out of there with Demazin for his cough, Scopex (she prescribed Buscopan but pharmacist gave Scopex) for his tummy, ACC 200 and an antibiotic. Mr is still on the mend 5 days later. Still coughing and a runny nose and complained again last night of a sore tummy. I pray this is not the start of another winter season filled with doctor visits and hospital stays.

Sick baby
 On a side note, I'm not sure if Matthew is expecting a sibling in the future or if my body just hates me. I have AF-type cramps, I'm nauseous, I get slight headaches, my boobs are sensitive, and AF is now 3 days late. All those 'symptoms' are exactly the same for both pregnancy and my AF. For the last few months, I have been getting nauseous a few days before AF and when that lady comes, it goes away. I took a HPT this morning and BFN. I stopped the pill 2 months ago because I ran out and then realised that my libido picked up majorly when I was off it and didn't want to go back on. The first day of my LMP was 5 May and I was due again on 2 June. Not sure if maybe it's too early to test? Maybe wait another week and if no AF test again.

Only problem is, DH does not want another baby right now. We have discussed having a second child but financially, we can't right now. We were going to wait another year or so, and this oopsie (if it is an oopsie) is  stressing DH out. I don't want him to think that I planned this because he knows how badly I want another baby. I didn't. I'm not sure if I am hoping for a positive (because I really do want another one) or a negative (because of DH). 

Oh well, here's hoping AF shows her ugly head soon....

PS: Here's a nappy cake I made recently.

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